Software Projects

  • UVAPI – The Universal Virtualization API (UVAPI) project provides a unified object model and API for interfacing with popular hypervisors and hosted virtual solutions.
  • Vangaea – Vangaea provides an open, RESTful interface and single sign-on access for communicating with several leading hypervisors such as VMware Infrastructure 3.5, VMware vSphere 4.0, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer 5.5.
  • Hyper9 VMM – Hyper9 VMM is a free and open source solution to manage VMware VI3/vSphere4, Citrix XenServer 5 or Microsoft Hyper-V from your mobile device or cell phone.
  • nvn – nvn is a new approach to integrating .NET on Windows with the Maven build platform by driving builds with MSBuild and MSTest.
  • JWBem – The Java Web-Based Enterprise Management (JWbem) is an on-going Java implementation of Microsoft’s Scripting Web-Based Enterprise Management (SWbem) API. JWbem allows Java developers to easily monitor and manage Microsoft Windows via Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).
  • GuessMyOSToo – A VMware VI/vSphere client plug-in that replaces generic VM icons in the inventory trees with OS-specific icons for both Windows and Linux guests.
  • akin – akutz’s ipfw and natd controller (akin) provides a method to launchd process to manage OS X’s built-in IPFW and NAT sub-systems.
  • SimDK – SimDK is a VMware vSphere4 simulator which provides vSphere4 API-compatibility for official vSphere4 clients and other applications built using the vSphere4 SDK.
  • Sudo for Windows (sudowin) – Sudowin is a popular open source application used to facilitate the concept of least user access (LUA) on the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • SVMotion – A VMware Infrastructure (VI) client plug-in that extends the client’s functionality by providing an integrated, graphical tool that can be used to invoke storage VMotion (SVMotion) operations.
  • Console – A VI client plug-in that integrates an SSH console directly into the client.
  • Invoke – A VI client plug-in that makes it possible to integrate third-party applications with the client while persisting login information.
  • VI Toolkit for .NET – The VI Toolkit for .NET is a .NET library designed to bring object-oriented design to the VI API by transforming managed object references into first class objects, as well as providing helpful method, property, and class abstractions.
  • VI Toolkit for Java – A Java library that is patterned after the VI Perl Toolkit. Administrators and developers who like the ability to quickly create scripts with the perl toolkit but appreciate the depth of Java will love the VI Toolkit for Java.
  • VI Java – The VMware Virtual Infrastructure Java API provides a set of libraries with full support of managed object model and utilities to manage and control VMware virtual machines and servers using the VMwware Virtual Infrastructure Web service interface.

25 thoughts on “Software

  1. Andrew I would like to thank you for all your hard work. These plugins have been a valuable addition to our systems.

    Thanks again


  2. Hi Andrew,

    Good work on the storage vmotion plug-in :-)

    I’m not sure if you have come across the feature we are encountering

    When we try moving a machine that has the following config:
    LUN1 – VMX and Disk1
    LUN2 – Disk2
    LUN3 – Disk3
    LUN4 – Disk4
    LUN5 –

    We want to move disk4 to LUN5. So we have to move disk1 as well as disk4 (otherwise the task fails) – using your GUI we move disk1 and 4.
    When the job has completed we noticed that ALL disks have bee moved to LUN5.
    We then move them all back to another LUN, then repeat the process and sometimes it works and others it doesn’t………


  3. Andrew, awesome tool!

    Quick question: I am trying to uninstall 0.4.4 so I can introduce v1.0 code. Can’t seem to find any reference in Add/Remove Programs or the registry for the original plug-in. Other than the svmotion.dll, not finding any instructions on the Internet.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!


  4. Hi, Andrew

    Have a question for SudoWIN.
    Can it support RDP login ?? It seems can not support this kind of login.
    Any plan for this one?

    Thanks in advanced.

  5. Hi Andrew,

    cool plugins. I’m interested in the VI Client Plugin to add portgroups on multiple ESX Servers. I can’t find the plugin on your page. Is this plugin still available??

    Keep your great work up!


  6. Same for me, I cannot find a link to download the plugin “Add Port Groups”.
    Can you check this please?


  7. Hello,

    i’m using SVmotion 1.0. This Version shows wrong size of free space on a lun.

    Capacity: 536
    Free-Space: -511
    Used: 1047
    No of Disks: 2

    What is wrong? If you need a screenshot… mail me.

  8. Hi,

    I try to use SUDOWIN on a Windows Server 2003 and I always receive the message “Invalid Logon Attempt” but my password is ok.

    I’m on a domain, I added my domain account in the “Sudoers Local Group” and nothing … “Invalid Logon Attempt”

    I’m connecting via MSTSC with my domain user account.

    Anyone can help ?

  9. Great Tool!!!

    Does this plug-in require ESX v3.5 as host? Can we use it to move VMs from ESX 2.54 to ESX v3.5?


  10. Thanks for the svmotion plug-in, it helps us a lot with migrating to a new cluster.

    one small question. is there a way to set the disable the ‘show local storage’ check box as default.

    also I would like to sort by name as default.

    Thanks in advance.

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