Embedding Javascript in JIRA with Custom Fields

Did you know you can embed Javascript in JIRA via custom fields? You may wonder, what’s the point? To you good sir, or madame, I say that the point is 75% because you can, and 75% because it enables customization of the JIRA interface without having to resort to writing JIRA plug-ins. And because JIRA ships with jQuery 1.8.3 in JIRA 6, it makes writing complex Javascript a breeze.

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When I agreed to join EMC I was not sure what to expect. I’d worked in academia, a start-up, dabbled in reverse engineering, and contributed many projects to the open source community. However, EMC is unique with respect to all of the positions I’ve previously held or projects I’ve created. Higher education is a lot like open source, there is an implicit freedom — you get to play. A start-up is small and fast, and reverse engineering is all about figuring out how to gleam the rubik’s cube. EMC is the titan, the behemoth, the first IBM-like company that I decided to work for. Would I be consumed, or would I manage to stay relevant even as employee number 123456?

Eight months later, I have my answer. I’m tremendously proud to introduce to the world, in all its gory detail:


EMC Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) 4.0 for VMware vSphere

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