Last fall I waited in eager anticipation for my Grove Bamboo case. Simply put, Grove makes these wonderful, beautiful, bamboo laser-cut iPhone cases. In fact, they are now making one for the iPad as well. However, I must warn possible purchasers of the Grove cases that even through everyday use, your work-of-art case will likely fail within six months. Here is a picture of the bottom half of mine now:

Broken Grove Bamboo iPhone4 Case

Broken Grove Bamboo iPhone4 Case

One cannot argue that the Grove made iPhone4 case is nothing less than perfect. I have received more comments on how amazing the case is then I can count. However, for $89, a case should not fall apart after taking the bottom half of it off an on on a regular basis just so you can dock it or plug it into a car charger. That said, I may buy another one eventually, if Grove has strengthened their manufacturing process (and glue that holds the black trim to the bamboo). For now I’ll probably invest in a Vapor case that is all aluminum. Should help block the attenuation issues with my phone anyway.


A VOCAL iPad Review By A One-Day User

I was sleeping on the office futon yesterday afternoon with my little, furry friend Odin (one of my dachshunds) when my wonderful wife Mandy walks in holding a brand new iPad! Needless to say, I was extremely excited about opening my early birthday present. iBooks! Marvel Comics App! No more book shelf clutter! Then, unfortunately, reality began to sink in. My beautiful, best friend just spent 500 of our dollars on another digital portal. And since I already own a Macbook Pro and iPhone, do I really need another Viewer of Content and Life (VOCAL) device?

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Building a Better OS X Firewall (or How I solved the NAT problem for VirtualBox)

My Macbook Pro’s hard drive died. Ugh. Since I was forced to rebuild my system I decided to do a clean install and not copy over any preferences from my backups, just the data that I needed (documents, secure shell (SSH) keys, music, etc.). Another decision I made was to forgo VMware Fusion for a more light-weight desktop hypervisor. Fusion has a nice feature set, but I have never known a program to be more of a resource hog, or to be so annoying (always grabbing my input, yanking me into another space) as VMware Fusion for OS X.

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Connecting to Openswan with OS X Leopard (10.5.1)

UPDATE – This topic is being discussed on the Openswan Users mailing list as well as the OS X forums:

Openswan Users Mailing List
OS X forums

Jacco maintains the definitive site for connecting to Openswan with the various client OSs. However, his site has not been updated for connecting to Openswan with clients running the Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.1) operating system. Based on my experiences getting this configuration to work, there are three notes worth mentioning.

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