Cataclysm Cannot Control Them

I finally broke down and resubscribed to World of Warcraft. The reviews of Cataclysm were too good to not give a go, so I rolled a Worgen druid and off I went. And I really enjoyed the first 10 levels or so; the ones with story. Then I got dumped in Darnassus and it was the same old grind of game all over again. The reviews failed to mention this part. But the part that has me really bummed, and thinking of quitting again already is the other players.

At the university where I used to work, my colleagues and I would joke that the university would be a great place to work if it weren’t for the students. Obviously we saw the irony, and it was more of a comment on the behaviors we did not care for that the younger undergraduates typically displayed. On that note, World of Warcraft would be a fun game if it weren’t for the other players.

Hey Blizzard, is there some way you can add an option so that I only have to interact with players who are older than 25, have a full time job, families, and don’t live with their mom? You could call it a maturity or politeness filter. C’est la guerre I suppose, but it really does stink that an otherwise interesting experience is still ruined by people who have no room for those of us just trying to have fun. I guess when your life is so bad in the real world, it’s much easier to take a game so seriously.


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