SimDK and Hidden/Internal vSphere APIs

There was some question about whether or not SimDK includes the hidden/internal vSphere4 APIs. The answer is not just yes, but a resounding yes! The reason I am so enthusiastic about the subject is that while SimDK’s WSDL model does expose the vSphere4 API’s internal service content, it also makes it possible to use the SimDK WSDL to communicate with an actual vSphere4 server and access these methods.

I’ve created two new classes in the SimDK stubs module that show how to do this:

  • – This class can be used to connect to either a VI/vSphere4 server or a SimDK instance
  • – This is a main class that opens a connection to a vSphere4 server using the SimDK’s ServiceConnection class and lists all of the vSphere4 server’s linked-mode peers, an operation not supported by the public vSphere4 SDK (and one that is immensely useful!)

As you can see, not only does SimDK provide simulation, but it can be used as a platform for accessing all of the features of a real vSphere4 server that have remained out of easy reach until now!

The SimDK WSDL files are automatically generated and therefore not stored in the source repository, but you can access them here:


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