KVM rocks. Its support sucks.

I’ve been using KVM for a few days on my home server, and I really like it. However, if there is any hope of it succeeding, there needs to be some serious improvement with its support structure. Especially in IRC. I think John Gabriel’s Greater Internet ****wad theory applies to the type of people who monitor the #kvm channel on Freenode. Of course, that’s generally the greater problem with Linux in general. It’s a community made up of people who would fit right in at the music store in High Fidelity.


5 thoughts on “KVM rocks. Its support sucks.

  1. Linux is Linux in large part. The problem is that I rarely have normal problems. I’m trying to figure out why I can’t access KVM guests on my bridged network when using my VPN. Something’s not routing correctly. As long as I’m in my home network I’m fine. And I can access physical boxes in my home network with my VPN (OpenVPN btw). But I cannot access KVM guests through my VPN. I never had this problem with VMware Server. I would have stuck with that too if it weren’t the bastard step child of VMware.

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