Can’t find my VMware utilities?

You can access all of my VMware utilities at There have been several requests for these utilities, and I simply do not have the time right now to create binaries for all of them. I am also waiting to see what will happen at VMworld and how it affects the plug-in architecture. Once that is more definitively known then I will resume my work on plug-ins.


One thought on “Can’t find my VMware utilities?

  1. Hey this is an absolutely fantastic plugin, well done!

    However I’ve found a couple of issues, one major, one minor

    First is… if you try dragging an object without first clicking it to be highlighted, you get an ‘object is not an instance of another object’ type of error (I forget what exactly!)… Thats ok, theres a workaround.

    The second is more severe. The free space listed for NFS (NAS) volumes doesn’t match up with the real free space… i.e. it seems to be counting the size of files rather than the actual disk usage (due to thin provisioning at the NFS level you see). This means you can easily have 1TB of VMs that only take up 400GB of real storage in a 500GB volume (due to unused blocks in the VMDKs).. Only your tool now says there is MINUS 500GB free and refuses to move the object!

    The third is minor – and maybe not even your problem – that is the ‘Migrate Storage’ menu option is often greyed out (could it be related to the above issue I wonder mmmm!) – workaround is to click the cluster or node, so again, no real biggie.

    Thanks in advance and once again brilliant work to only have these three issues!


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