Just turned in chapter three…

Well, the preface was over 25 pages, so this is really chapter 4 in terms of work spent. This was a particuarly hard chapter for several reasons:

– I was doing something no one else had (that I could find) — using Windows pass-through auth with Java. It took a week to get that working and ended up getting license to use J/Invoke for my book from the author for free.

– I ended up writing a perl script to generate stub files for each new example. This saves me about an hour for creating the stubs for class files and unit tests for: C#, Java, VI Java, the VI Toolkit for .NET, the VI Toolkit (for Windows) (PowerShell), and the VI Perl Toolkit.

– It still takes an insufferably long time to synchronize comments between all the different languages. I have tried extremely hard to remain consistent in my commentary between languages wherever possible.

– The last section, saving and loading sessions, took a while because I had to create verbage that does not exist. The image in that section represents an end product of about 17 attempts. I hope you like it…


One thought on “Just turned in chapter three…

  1. Would love to read the book. I have Safari subscription. Do you know when early drafts will be available on Safari,


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