VI Plug-in SVMotion 1.0 Released!

Version 1.0 of the SVMotion has been released at New features include:

• No longer counts RDM files against datastore size, fixing the bug that plagued the last version.

• SVMotion operations against templates are not supported since VMware does not support them.

• Added tool tips that explain why a relocation cannot take place

• Automatically registers itself upon installation so you don’t have to enable it inside the VI client.

• All SVMotion events write out a log, enabling better understanding of what went wrong in case of an error.

• Aside from the library that loads the plug-in, all of VMware’s internal code has been replaced with the VI Toolkit for .NET.

• The project is now supported by almost 20 unit tests, helping to ensure fewer bugs and greater stability.

• The unit tests can be expanded to include testing for a system-resource supported number of servers since they use mock testing designed to work with the VI Toolkit for .NET.

• The project is now built using NAnt, which allows nightly builds of the source, creates distributions, and builds the MSI installer.


11 thoughts on “VI Plug-in SVMotion 1.0 Released!

  1. Hi
    I have tryed this tool, and it’s great!
    But i can’t move som VM:s the “migrate storage” is greyed out?
    Did you know why?


  2. I installed vip.svmotion-bin- on to my computer that has VMware
    Infrastructure Client 2.5 U3 installed on it. Then when I login to the
    client the fist message I get is an Error “Some of the plug-ins failed to
    load. Contact the administrator to fix the issue.”. So I click OK and then
    the client finishes logging in and the I go to the Plug-ins menu and click
    on Manage Plug-ins then click on the Installed tab and the click in the
    check box to Enable the SVMotion plug-ins and i get another Error “The
    Remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.

    I am not sure what to do to make this work….

    I have re-downloaded the install twice and re-installed.

    Did I miss something…..?

    I have tried to install it on two different machines…

    Windows XP SP3 32bit

    Windows Vista SP1 64bit

  3. post #2 about NFS is wrong. we run NFS and it works fine with the VMs powered on.
    Maybe you have snapshots or something of those VMs but it isn’t because of NFS.

  4. Can you or will you be porting this to vSphere? You plugin is much simpler and easier to understand then what they included in VI4.


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