A futile search no more

Welcome to the new home of lostcreations. Why the new location? Well, I simply could not recoup the domain hosting costs, and the inter webs have too many free alternatives (GMail, Google Apps, Google Code, SourceForge, WordPress) to ignore.

I will slowly be migrating my blogs, code, and etc. In the meantime, you can watch this space for news of migrations. All of my open-source code is being temporarily hosted by Google Code at http://code.google.com/p/akutz/.

If you need binaries of anything e-mail me, and if I am feeling generous I might send you a copy. :) In the meantime, if you want to create your own plug-in, here is a direct link to the VMware Infrastructure 3.5 Plugin and Extension Programming Guide – Revision 1.3.

It turns out that it is harder to make money on open source software than I thought. :)


Because several of you have already asked me for some content, here are some direct links while I am migrating:

  • SVMotion Plug-in Client Version 0.4.4
  • Console Plug-in Client Version 0.1.5

I know that the sudowin documentation is not available right now. I will be porting that to the SourceForge project WIKI. In the meantime, please see the SANS security practical I wrote which is essentially a retelling of the online documentation.


Please see the About page for links to software downloads.


17 thoughts on “A futile search no more

  1. Any idea when the plugins might be available again? I was going to check out the console plugin, but it looks like I was one day too late…


  2. I switched over from one client to other and I lost track of your website. But let me tell I was the biggest fan of your old website. It all started when you came up with storage vmotion plugin. Before that I saw the plugins but never used it in VC and believe me when I told about this to my old team they also became fan of yours. One of my guru (all were like VMWare geeks) started reading document about how to write plugin and he told me he will come up with plugin. Thanks a lot for those wonderful plugins and I wish you all the best. GOD Bless you.

  3. I love your snap in. I think it is great how you reverse engineered the plug-in process and then shared your information with everybody. I don’t know the first thing about programming so I can’t write my own, although I would love to.

    The one question I have about your plug in is: What criteria do you use to check to see if the virtual machine you want to migrate is capable of being migrated. I have found that a lot of my Virtual Machines have the “Migrate Store” link on the menu greyed out. I have heard about the “thin provision bug” but I thought this was fixed with a patch from VMware, and also I have not thin provisioned any of my VMs so I am curious what criteria you use to decide when to provide the option for a virtual machine to be svmotioned.

    GREAT WORK, love it. Actually heard about your plug in from VMware support reps when I called them about a svmotining problem.

  4. Brandon,

    I check to see if the VM has any disks that are thin provisioned. If it does, no migrate-y. I am working on a new version where you can disable this check. Thanks so much for the compliment : )

  5. Thank you for the prompt reply, do you have any support forum set up for this? I would like to discuss this further, but do not want to take up this space to do it.

  6. Thank you for the plugin. Can you please tell me what versions of Virtual Center is supported? 2.5 update ??



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