vmmon – syslog facilities

Okay, turns out that the syslog facility levels can vary significantly by OS. The original distribution of vmmon could only accept a limited set of facility levels from the command line via the -f option. I have updated vmmon so that you can give any integer with the -f option to specify a custom facility. For example, here are the facilities on Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn x86_64 (see /usr/include/sys/syslog.h):

/* facility codes */
#define LOG_KERN        (0<<3)  /* kernel messages */
#define LOG_USER        (1<<3)  /* random user-level messages */
#define LOG_MAIL        (2<<3)  /* mail system */
#define LOG_DAEMON      (3<<3)  /* system daemons */
#define LOG_AUTH        (4<<3)  /* security/authorization messages */
#define LOG_SYSLOG      (5<<3)  /* messages generated internally by syslogd */
#define LOG_LPR         (6<<3)  /* line printer subsystem */
#define LOG_NEWS        (7<<3)  /* network news subsystem */
#define LOG_UUCP        (8<<3)  /* UUCP subsystem */
#define LOG_CRON        (9<<3)  /* clock daemon */
#define LOG_AUTHPRIV    (10<<3) /* security/authorization messages (private) */
#define LOG_FTP         (11<<3) /* ftp daemon */

        /* other codes through 15 reserved for system use */
#define LOG_LOCAL0      (16<<3) /* reserved for local use */
#define LOG_LOCAL1      (17<<3) /* reserved for local use */
#define LOG_LOCAL2      (18<<3) /* reserved for local use */
#define LOG_LOCAL3      (19<<3) /* reserved for local use */
#define LOG_LOCAL4      (20<<3) /* reserved for local use */
#define LOG_LOCAL5      (21<<3) /* reserved for local use */
#define LOG_LOCAL6      (22<<3) /* reserved for local use */
#define LOG_LOCAL7      (23<<3) /* reserved for local use */

Anyway, I’ve updated the vmmon zip file on the server so you can choose your facility with any integer. I’ve also changed the default logging level from Debug to Information.

Hope this helps!


One thought on “vmmon – syslog facilities

  1. Hi Andrew, I am having difficulties obtaining Monet if you do not mind can you send me a valid link. Thanks Mike

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