Openswan 2.4.11 and xl2tpd 1.1.12 packages for Ubuntu x86_64 (Feisty+)

The Ubuntu repositories are lagging when it comes to keeping up with Openswan development. Currently the latest package in the Feisty pool is 2.4.6 and 2.4.11 was just released (with several bug fixes — one that allows newer OS X clients to connect). The l2tpd package that provides an l2tp daemon is also old due to the fact that development on the l2tpd projects seems to have stalled. The maintainers of Openswan, xelerance have forked l2tpd, creating x2tpd.

Both pieces of software have already be Debianized, it is just a matter of running dpkg-buildpackage to create the binary package files. I have updated the changelogs for both Openswan and xl2tpd and created deb packages out of the latest source code:

Openswan 2.4.11

xl2tpd 1.1.12

I will be writing an article on how to configure Ubuntu with Openswan and xl2tpd. Stay tuned!

Hope this helps!


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