MemConn: an in-memory network stack for Go

MemConn ( is an in-memory network stack for Go that provides:

  • Support for named connections
  • Support for net.Conn‘s deadline semantics (supported natively in Go 1.10+)
  • Better performance than a TCP or UNIX domain socket
  • An ideal solution for writing tests for HTTP and gRPC applications

Please keep reading to discover what MemConn is, how to use it, and why.

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Golang and SIGABRT

The Golang function signal.Notify enables a program to respond to process signals such as SIGINT, SIGKILL, etc. with registered event handlers. However, a Golang developer should take care to avoid trapping SIGABRT, and this blog explains why.

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Embedding Javascript in JIRA with Custom Fields

Did you know you can embed Javascript in JIRA via custom fields? You may wonder, what’s the point? To you good sir, or madame, I say that the point is 75% because you can, and 75% because it enables customization of the JIRA interface without having to resort to writing JIRA plug-ins. And because JIRA ships with jQuery 1.8.3 in JIRA 6, it makes writing complex Javascript a breeze.

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